Santa's Sleigh

Please click on the photograph below to learn more about the fundraiser for the benefit of St Mark's Episcopal Church, LeRoy, NY and St Jude Children's Research Hospital, December 2nd and 3rd, 2022.

Friday, December 2    6:00-8:00 pm
Saturday, December 3     2:00-5:00 pm
By appointment only!  Please fill out contact form below.  I will confirm your appointment after receiving your form.
Not just for kids!  Your photo will be added to the image of Santa's sleigh.  
This fundraiser is 100% tax-deductible and benefits St. Mark's Episcopal Church, Le Roy and St. Jude Children's Research Hospital.  The entire proceeds are split 50/50 with each organization.
Donation: $50 for one person; $10 for each additional person.
Payment is by cash or by check--no charge cards accepted.  You may write one check to St. Mark's (and one-half will be sent to St. Jude), or you may write two checks with one to St. Mark's and one to St. Jude.
Clothing--solid colors work best!
For your donation, you will receive two digital files: a smaller file to use on social media, and a larger file for prints.  The rights to use these files are yours, and you receive permission to use them however you want--social media posts, photographic prints, holiday cards, ornaments, etc.
I will take 4-5 poses, and you will select your favorite for the sleigh.  Picture files will be delivered within one week via e-mail or text.
Thank you!
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